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Company law

We can help you set up your company, draft and negotiate your articles of association and your shareholders’ agreement.

Insolvency Law and Corporate Restructuring

We defend the interests of the various parties involved in the opening of amicable or collective proceedings.

Business litigation

We intervene in your disputes and support you from the pre-litigation phase through to the enforcement of court rulings.

Press law and E-reputation

We help you manage your image in the media and on the Internet

Labor and social security law

We handle all aspects of collective and individual labor law, both as advisors and litigators.


We offer comprehensive, personalized support for all kinds of innovative, ambitious blockchain projects (PSAN, token issuers, DeFi, NFT, ZKP protocols…). We also offer lobbying and customized training courses (LCB-FT training and blockchain training for managers and legal departments).