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Aleph Avocats assists you in your litigations from the pre-contentious phase to the enforcement of court decisions.

The firm is particularly focused on the amicable resolution of its clients’ disputes and intervenes in this respect both in the renegotiation of the terms of their contracts with their business partners and in the negotiation and drafting of settlement agreements to put an end to disputes amicably.

Our attorneys also defend our clients before civil, criminal or commercial courts, in particular in the context of:

  • Commercial litigation such as
  • Post-acquisition litigation such as
  • Disputes between partners such as
  • Litigation concerning the managers such as
  • Litigation in real estate matters such as
  • Criminal business law such as
  • Litigation in matters of contractual liability (performance, cancellation, termination of a contract)
  • Execution of letters of intent
  • Execution of “pre-closing” protocols
  • Procedures for recovering debts
  • Termination of established business relationships
  • Action for unfair competition, parasitism, disparagement, comparative advertising and detour of clientele
  • Enforcement of assignment of corporate rights
  • Litigation related to contingencies, changes in economic circumstances and price revisions
  • Litigation over the payment of an earn-out on the transfer of corporate rights
  • Implementation of asset and liability guarantees
  • Implementation and execution of partnership agreements
  • Appointment of an ad hoc agent or a judicial administrator (ad hoc representative)
  • Judicial dissolution of the company for disagreement between partners
  • Negotiation of the conditions of departure of managers
  • Litigation in matters of liability of the legal or de facto manager
  • Action for recovery and liability
  • Lease renewal
  • Rent review
  • Termination of lease
  • Expulsion
  • Eviction compensation
  • Misappropriation of corporate assets
  • Breach of trust and other misappropriation
  • Roberry
  • Detection and similar offences
  • Concealment and related offences
  • Insider dealing

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